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Channa Bromley, PhD, is an Ordained Minister, and international, award-winning Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach, who has been featured as a  LOVE EXPERT on New York Times, Women’s Health Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, CTV Morning Live, and Breakfast TV to name a few.


With over 17 years of experience providing personalized, custom coaching in the realm of personal, relationship and Spiritual development, she is a seasoned professional and boasts a high success rate and outstanding client satisfaction.  Channa has helped thousands of men and women meet their personal and relationship goals through transformational healing work.

Channa is methodical by nature and a forward thinker. She obtained her Ph.D in Transpersonal Psychology, and has additionally earned her Master level relationship coaching certification. She is also a certified Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and a Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui lineage.

Channa has worked as Senior Matchmaker & Date Coach for world’s largest matchmaking firm, It’s Just Lunch, and also was the head coach, programs & group coaching developer for international coaching firm, Relationship Hero.

She is able to combine neuroscience, psychology, mystic & healing arts, experience, and intuition to offer an insightful perspective into today’s challenging and complex relationship scenarios. 

Having gone through much adversity in life herself, Channa found herself with unhealed inner wounds, repeating toxic patterns in her relationships. Her own healing process is what led her to becoming a coach nearly two decades ago. She understands first hand the pain that this turmoil brings to her clients, and the deep inner work that must accompany transformation.

Her mantra is “soul work before goal work”.

Her compassion and deep understanding for her clients drives her to go above and beyond to ensure they are successful in their goals.

Channa’s combination of intuition and communication makes a challenging process feel effortless. She is dedicated to teaching her clients to live from pleasure and love, and to unlock their inherent wisdom.

Relationship Resurrection™

Relationship Resurrection ™ is a one of a kind, transformative 12 week online course...

Heartbreak Rx™

Many conflicts in relationships are based on past heartbreaks and wounds! We are projecting, and making our current partner responsible for "breaking the plates"...

Deep Dive

Because quick fixes never cut it. In this 4 hour coaching call, you and Channa get real up close and personal.

The 1:1 Portal

In this very personalized container, Channa guides you on a transformative healing journey towards...

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