Attracting Love for the Wild Woman™

Discover your hidden Wild Woman and stop compromising yourself in dating for good so you
can confidently attract your man this year, without wasting any more time with the wrong guys!

Years ago, I became very frustrated with dating. At this point in my life, I’ve been a relationship coach for nearly a decade. I have an active dating life and I’ve met lots of new people. I had lots of dates, but I felt like the men that I met, that they were wrong for me, and I kept entering relationships that I really wasn’t happy in. 

Many of them turned toxic fast. I really couldn’t understand why I, of all people, struggled so much. I, like many other women felt, it’ll happen when it happens. But the journey and the trial and error were getting too painful to continue turning a blind eye to. 

I decided I needed to change what I’m doing to get the love life I desired and to stop letting my default settings take the steering wheel. 

I first had to get really honest with myself and ask, do I have barriers to love? What am I doing wrong? 

I knew I had a pattern of entering destructive relationships, so I committed myself to finding out why and changing it for good. 

I discovered, not only did I have limiting beliefs about love and my worthiness of it, but I was also domesticating and compromising myself and I was settling.  I wasn’t showing up as the wild woman I am, and I want to be. 

After several years of deep inner work and developing better habits. I did attract my real-world soulmate. I have a dream relationship with my dream man, and I am incredibly grateful every day to call him my partner. 

I developed the 9- module program, Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™, that takes a “Soul work before Goal work” approach to dating, so that women like me, can also find the relationship that they’ve always desired. 

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and hopeless with dating -it felt horrible. If you feel this way too then I encourage you to take action and to change that today. I am ready to help you get the love life that you desire- as soon as you enroll in the program!


Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ is a one of a kind, transformative 6 month program that utilizes Ancient Wisdom, Modern Dating Strategies & Somatic Embodiment practices to heal inner wounds, rewrite past narratives and shift our belief systems to attain a more continual and expanded state and attract your “real world soulmate”.

During this 6-month Spiritual enlightenment and action-oriented program, you will learn how to develop a whole new relationship with yourself, your life and your future partner.

We begin by illuminating the hidden reasons you are not currently living your dream relationship.  You will reclaim your wild, sovereign self! Show up authentically and radiantly. Learn to implement daily mindset rituals to become a super attractor through manifestation, feminine embodiment and self-love rituals.

Through this program you will know precisely what you want in a relationship and communicate your needs with grace and confidence.  You will learn to capture his attention and flirt in a natural, feel-good way. You will tap into your intuition and boost self-trust.

You will engage in weekly coaching sessions to ensure you are in alignment with your truth (aka no settling sisters)

Many times, our insecurities act as barriers to developing a true connection. Learn to let go of your fear and anxiety and let your guard down. Inspire him to meet your needs with effective communication skills.

It is time to say “No more” to repeating painful patterns and feeling unloved.

Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ teaches women exactly how to fulfill their future vision of love!


1. Mindset and beliefs

2. Reclaim your wild woman

3. Manifestation

4. Dating Roadmap

5. Attraction (online and offline)

6. Intuition and self-trust

7. Removing your armor

8. Inspire him to meet your needs

9. Grow in Ecstatic Intimacy

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What They Say

“I was stuck in a cycle of chasing emotionally unavailable men. The more they pulled away, the harder I would cling on. Their needs came first, their wants, I was a people pleaser – I was always afraid to express my wants or if things were bothering me for fear that they would leave for good. I was miserable and losing hope that I would ever feel loved. Listening to Channa’s own experiences as well as the group’s – which were similar and I was able to relate – helped me bring changes into my own life. I felt like Channa always made herself available and was somehow able to be compassionate yet direct- which I needed! Channa really knows her stuff and takes a multi-dimensional approach which proved to be truly transformative! I highly recommend the program!”


“Channa made dating fun again. I, like many women, battled low self-esteem, and the thought of online dating gave me so much anxiety. I can honestly say that I truly love myself now thanks to Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ . When I started looking inwards instead of externally, so much shifted for me. I filled myself with so much love and light, that I became a magnet for amazing men, and I never had the need to impress them because I loved me. Being my wild woman self means I am desirable, lovable, wanted, and enough! The best thing about Channa is that her energy is fun and loving. I feel she genuinely cared about me and what I was going through. Channa is a wonderful teacher and it’s obvious she has dedicated her life to the realm of love and metaphysics as she is so wise and knowledgeable. Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ has changed me in the best way. I feel confident in being myself and my relationship with my boyfriend gets better every single day!”Listening to Channa’s own experiences as well as the group’s – which were similar and I was able to relate – helped me bring changes into my own life. I felt like Channa always made herself available and was somehow able to be compassionate yet direct- which I needed! Channa really knows her stuff and takes a multi-dimensional approach which proved to be truly transformative! I highly recommend the program!”


“Before working with Channa, I couldn’t seem to attract a man who I actually liked and who wanted a committed relationship. I was confused because my friends were all having success and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Through Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ , I began attracting handsome, quality men who shared the same goals, values and visions as myself. It’s like all of sudden, they just appeared! The best thing was Channa’s constant high level of support. It was like having a “coach in my pocket”. And, also, the support and love of all the ladies in the group. Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ gave me so much understanding of my unhealthy dating patterns and ineffective communication skills. I loved how Channa explained the fundamental differences between men and women, especially when it comes to talking! I would tell women that working with Channa is the best gift they could ever give themselves.”


“My last relationship was with a narcissistic and was traumatizing. I was scared to date again because I lost trust in myself and my ability to choose a good guy. My self-esteem was shattered and I really didn’t know who I even was anymore. The modules on reclaiming my wild woman were so illuminating. I feel like I had been living in a shoebox, scared to live, and Channa liberated me from that. She restored my connection to myself, my intuition and guided me step by step into a healthy, reciprocal relationship. I am crying as I write this because I am so happy and grateful. Thank you so much Channa and all the wonderful ladies in the group who shared their stories, and encouragement!”


“Channa always says “soul work before goal work”, and now I understand why! I had so many limiting beliefs and false narratives in the steering wheel that were blocking me from actually having the relationship I wanted. We dove REAL deep and did some heavy excavating, I’ll be honest, it was challenging to do the inner work, but Channa was there supporting me, showing me love and compassion and encouraging me to keep going, every step of the way. I feel like a new woman! I had no idea I was carrying around so much weight from past experiences and that I was not letting anyone see the real me because I had disconnected from her long ago. I loved the modules on growing the relationship, so many dating programs stop after you meet someone, but Channa ensured we had the tools to not just sustain the relationship but to grow it to unlimited states of bliss as we deepen into our new connections! Thank you so much Channa and to all the ladies in the group!”


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What’s included in Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ ?

High-level 6-month virtual coaching in an intimate setting. Receive all the support you need with a variety of resources to guide you forward, including video masterclasses, workbooks, meditations, and steps to take for immediate results (lifetime access).

Private online community for you to receive 24/7 support, sisterhood, accountability, and extra coaching.

Bonus trainings and fun surprises along the way!

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Me 2 We Ebook

An educational journey through today’s complex dating scene. Matchmakers and date coaches are used by millions of people each year to find their match. What do they know that you don’t that allows them to be modern day cupids? The journey begins by understanding WHY you haven’t found love yet, the value of hiring a professional, and many top tips of the trade that experts use to make their clients successful in their dating and relationship goals. “Me 2 We” is packed full of action-oriented steps that you can take today to attract and keep the partner you truly desire!

Author: Channa Bromley