Healing with Metaphors

Illness, dis-ease, addictions, and chronic physical discomfort all stem from one root cause and that is an imbalance on the emotional/mental level. Everything on the Physical plane is a manifestation of something on the Metaphysical plane. The signs and symptoms that are apparent on the Physical plane (in or bodies) lead us to inquire, ultimately, more deeply into ourselves as energetic and spiritual beings and allow healing to take place which inevitably leads us to happier and healthier lives!

These symptoms that we feel as sickness and/or pain are really gifts to us that lead us to become aware that there is something within our life that is not balanced and/or not in alignment with our life’s purpose. It is a call to action that we need to reflect upon and correct. There is a very strong link between the mind and what the body is attempting to communicate to you, this link is the metaphor.  What is your body trying to tell you?

There is a lesson in every single experience we have.  With a positive mindset and the understanding that bodily symptoms are messengers sent to us to cultivate higher awareness of ourselves, we can not only heal physically but we will grow mentally and spiritually as well. Instead of getting angry and frustrated at your body, try thanking it for its communication instead. Nothing ever happens TO you, it happens FOR you.

Find the metaphor and you find the underlying cause (message) of the symptom.

Below are some common metaphors that the body uses to guide us:

Sugar cravings: represents a lack of “sweetness” in our lives.  Be sweet to yourself, always. Practice constant self-love and self-care. When you treat yourself first the way you deserve and desire to be treated, others will too.

Allergies: represents an internal conflict of self-attack and self-judgment, there is some sort of inner resistance to life. There is also an element of narcissism that is being acted by being oversensitive. Allergies can also be symbolic of a toxic person who has not yet been forgiven.

Back Pain: Back pain represents resentment and ‘backed up’ emotions about something. This inhibits us from moving forward in life in many areas such as money, creativity, and even sex. It can stem from the feeling of being overburdened and having to carry others or a situation on our back.

Excess fat/Cellulite: Storing excess fat is a defense and a protective mechanism. It’s is one of the ways that we attempt to hide our true self, our true power, our purpose, and our sexuality.

Overeating: Overeating is a way to tranquilize emotional pain and fear that may be pushing up from family or unconscious issues. We are substituting food for love, bonding, and creativity.

Constipation: stems from the inability and/or the refusal to let go of the past. We are holding onto our “shit”.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: usually manifests in Type A personalities who never take the time to slow down, relax, and rejuvenate. If you do not willingly allow yourself this time, then your body will enforce it.

Knee problems: often stem from a fear of moving forward in some aspect of one’s life and inflexibility in one’s attitudes and beliefs.

Itchiness: a physical itch can appear when you want something but don’t let yourself have it because you believe there is a circumstance or even a person standing in your way, this preoccupies and is constant on your mind.

Stomach disorders: is the manifestation of the inability to “stomach” someone or a situation. You resist and cannot tolerate new ideas that contradict your current plans or ways of doing things. Let go, and allow things to unfold as the Universe sees fit.

Laryngitis: stems from the fear of communicating vocally. You are not speaking your truth in hear of what others may think or how they may react, you are seeking the acceptance of others and in doing so giving up you are giving up your own voice.

Menstrual cramps/disorders: indicates that you are having difficulty accepting your female-ness. This can stem from negative feelings from childhood towards your mother’s role in the household, or even because of resentment towards men and/or a feeling of bias that they can achieve more than women can in life.




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