I have been in 7 relationships with the same man! We broke up for the same reasons each time, and yet, I would still gloss over those reasons and convince myself that this time would be different. I was stuck in this negative cycle and I desperately wanted to get out of it of this cycle and just be happy together once and for all but I felt powerless to do so. I joined Break the Cycle  and learned WHY we kept arguing and breaking up, and I learned HOW to break this destructive pattern. Channa was amazing, as were the other group members. I felt safe opening and it was nice that other people could relate to my experience. Channa really empowered me and guided me to remember my true self. I started filling up my life again with new interests, reconnecting with friends, I even got a promotion at work. I feel like the Phoenix who rose above that toxic relationship and turned it into a healthy one, with the help of my partner of course, who also joined the group. Our relationship is going really well and it would never have been possible without the support and revelations that the program provided. Forever grateful!

Juanita, 38

Santiago, Chili

I met Channa at an Entrepreneurial retreat in AZ. I was very skeptical about my relationship with Amber. I believed too much pain had happened between my partner and I to make it work again. However, over the weekend, learning of Channa’s success stories and getting to know Channa, and feeling her warm, caring nature, I decided to give coaching a go a try. We continued coaching weekly for 6 months and she saved my relationship more times than I can count. My fear of getting hurt kept me looking for reasons why it wouldn’t work. Channa helped me identify the real source of my fear, which had nothing to do with Amber at all, and heal it. I was able to accept Amber’s love and commitment to me, and I have never been happier!! If you are considering Matchmaking, I highly encourage you to work with Channa. She is on the ball, efficient, and extremely supportive.

Eric, 54

Whister, BC

I was having a very difficult time healing after my divorce, I felt like a failure. The idea of finding love again seemed impossible. Channa came highly recommended through my Mastermind group and I began doing weekly coaching calls via her 6-month private program. Best investment I ever made! She completely shifted my mindset. I was able to be grateful for the memories I made with my ex-wife, accept that our relationship had transitioned and that this didn’t have to be an angry or negative experience, but instead a new container. I was able to extract the gems of wisdom from the experience, and learn so much about myself, my strengths, areas I could improve on, and what emotional needs I needed to be met in my next relationship. My ex-wife and I have a strong co-parenting relationship and friendship now, and I am excited about my new chapter ahead.

Matthew, 42

Muskoka, ON

Working with Channa has been life-changing program for me. I have examined and faced my insecurities and now working towards understanding those insecurities. Channa has guided me to be more thoughtful about the people I am interacting with and to be an advocate for myself. I have truly looked forward to and enjoyed our weekly calls.

Lucy 34

Alexamdria, VA

I loved the group program!  I was really nervous initially and to be honest a bit embarrassed that I was struggling in this area of my life. I am well established professionally yet my relationship was full of turmoil and I felt like a failure. Channa was understanding, supportive and compassionate and even though we did intensive emotional work, she still made it fun and engaging. I feel mind-blown from the aha moments I discovered about myself and my own lovability. Happy to announce, my love life has now caught up to my already rockin’ life. Me and the Mister just home from a trip together in Tulum! I am really happy I put my ego aside and invested in myself and my future (now present day) happiness!

Georgia, 45

Sydney, Aus

Even though my breakup had happened nearly a year prior to beginning the program, I was really struggling to move on with my life. It is embarrassing to say that I was obsessing over my ex gf and her life. I was in a constant state of comparing myself to men I thought she could be dating or interested in. It was an awful feeling. I felt out of control. I knew it needed to stop. Channa was very understanding. I felt very comfortable. She didn’t judge me at all. She actually explained to me the science behind why I was feeling the way I was and she helped me shift my mindset. If you asked me 2 months ago if it was possible to feel grateful for the breakup I would have said you were crazy, but I do. I can see now that the relationship wasn’t actually what I wanted and that I do have a lot contribute in a relationship and in general. The breakup doesn’t define me. I finally feel free. Im excited about life again! Thank you Channa!

Ryan, 51

New York, NY

Channa and I crossed paths at a time in which my relationship was in real trouble, basically a breaking point. I was as a point on a personal level of feeling sad, confused, and pretty well helpless. She helped me understand myself and the feelings I was having at the time along the root causes of some of my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I know we have more work to do but the transition in just a few weeks has been profound and I definitely feel the healing process coming along. I feel I have more control on the outcomes of my relationship with my girlfriend and others around me. Channa has been there pretty well step by step through conversations one on one in video chat and via emails at times I felt I just needed to chat and need some guidance. I’m excited to continue the journey with Channa and feel that she saved my relationship not only with my girlfriend, but others in my personal life, and most importantly with myself.

Tim, 35

Dallas, Texas

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