Reaching your Full Potential

Ever wonder why some people achieve great success in life and others don’t? Ever wonder why someone has so much energy and an amazing physique while others are carrying excess weight and feel lethargic? Why do some people seem happier than others?

I believe it all comes down to a mindset. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business, health or relationships, it is vital to adopt a “pro” mind-set. Having a “pro” mindset basically follows the ol “fake it til you make it” notion.  Whatever your goals are; more money, more friends, more energy, less weight, etc., you must take the actions and develop the habits NOW that would have if that goal were in fact obtained.

You cannot dabble in exceptional-ness.  Success in any venture takes hard work and consistency. To only put a part of your commitment into a goal will only lead to mediocrity.

Your daily habits must be aligned with your goals. Ask yourself throughout the day, “Will this action bring me closer or farther away from my goal?”

For example, if your goal is to tone up your body and increase your energy, should you have that piece of cheesecake? If your goal is to gain 10 new clients a month for your business, should you work at it 6 days a week or 1?

Faith comes into play when reaching your full potential. You must believe in yourself and that you can obtain these goals. You can achieve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that your heart desires…IF you are committed! The reason people don’t succeed is that they give up or they never truly 100% tried in the first place, they gave up before even allowing themselves the opportunity to win.

In the book, “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield, he writes about his friend who decides to become a golf pro. The first thing she did was buy expensive golf clubs and golfing outfits. She made a financial commitment and looked the part of a pro. She paid for lessons and was at the golf course for 5 days a week. She didn’t just work on the fun stuff, she worked on components of golf that most don’t such as a 3-foot putt. I’m not saying you need to spend a whole whack of dough if you want to reach your goals, I’m simply showing you the mindset that this lady had and the level of commitment she invested into her dream. And it took some time, but now  Steven writes that she is an exceptional golfer.

Even the most successful people still work hard. Take physique training, for instance, once I and every other WBFF pro obtained our pro card status, we didn’t stop going to the gym and eating healthy. We continued with the exact same habits that got us to our goal in the first place. Success (at any goal) is a life- long stream of actions and habits that are directly aligned with your goals.

It’s going to be hard work. It’s going to be every day. It’s not going to be fun all the time. But if your goals really mean something to you then I promise you it WILL be worth it!

I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and Visualization techniques. I invite you to spend 5 minutes every morning before you get out of bed and every night before closing your eyes on truly seeing and FEELING your goals as if they were already achieved.

YOU are the biggest factor in your own success. Embrace this power! Reaching your full potential and living the life of your dreams is your birthright, not only will you be healthier and happier but you will inspire so many others to embrace the power within them too. Success is not selfish, its’ quite the opposite.  I see success as a form of serving others. By shining your light bright you empower others to do the same!




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