Reclaiming Our Divinity

We all need to find sanctuary within ourselves, rather than basing our self-worth on the opinions and acceptance (or lack thereof) of others. There is a direct correlation between the love you have for yourself and the health of your love relationships.

On the outside, we look whole. However, humans are more like stained glass with many fragmentation’s caused from painful experiences we endure here on Earth. These wounds are necessary educational structures, however, the meanings we will have given these experiences amplify our fear and inhibit us from dissolving domestication and becoming truly illuminated and liberated.  Humans must reclaim their Divinity and radiantly sparkle like stained glass should.

We do this by releasing all the conditioning and programming that has been placed upon us by others and ourselves.

Re-parenting the inner children is an excellent place to begin this necessary healing work. We must be willing to feel the painful feelings. We choose to shine a light on our wounds, and we learn from them. We investigate our core painful feelings, becoming an inner astronaut.

Compassionately feel and embrace all the feelings. Find a place in you that wants responsibility for learning from them and managing them. You must decide you are willing to feel them vs avoiding them- which is abandoning them. This is your opportunity to show up fully for you.

Healing the inner children is a path to reclaiming your Divinity and is a consistent and dedicated practice. Just like if you have human children. You show up every day for them, not just occasionally.

Here’s how:

  • Create Dialogue. Ask your inner children (which is the feeling part of you), how you are treating it that is causing these wounded feelings or these core painful feelings.  “What am I telling you, how am I treating you that is causing (insert feeling)”?
  • Listen. Your higher self will answer. What are we telling ourselves that is creating this feeling?  This allows us to be open to learning.
  • Identify false beliefs. We have invested in a plethora of limiting beliefs and false narratives over our lifetime, plus some we carry from past lifetimes. It is important when having dialogue with your inner children to
  • Open to higher guidance, higher wisdom, and higher self. When your intention is to learn about loving yourself, you CAN access your higher self. What’s the truth about any of these false beliefs? What’s the most loving action for myself? What is for my highest good?
  • Take spiritually aligned action. Loving action. There may be several actions to take. You must take action, or it doesn’t mean anything. If child said to you, I’m hungry and you said that’s nice, that’s not loving action- you need to feed and nourish the child.
  • Evaluate.  How am I feeling because of taking this loving action? If you are not feeling relief or feeling better, then we go through the steps again.

The result is you fill up with love. You bring love inside. THEN you have love to share with others. If you’re empty, if you’re abandoning yourself, you do not have love to share with others. Learn to fill yourself up with love so that you are overflowing.

One of the most transformational experiences of my life was while on a shamanic journey during a Bufo ceremony. Going into the void, my ego fought to hold onto all the painful experiences and the meanings I had given them. I had tied my identity to the pain. My ego fought to hold onto limiting beliefs that I was not worthy of love. Eventually, I surrendered. Everything melted away. I heard the most angelic music. I saw beautiful visions of light and I became one with everything. As I came back, I purged and cried. Releasing all the stories I had believed. I understood my purpose, all my experiences. I forgave myself, and everyone. Understanding the karmic contracts. Most importantly, I remembered my Divinity. I gave myself permission to smile, fully embracing that I am Love and worthy of everything and anything.

When we release all the conditions and programming that we have adopted here on Earth, we are able to reclaim our own Divinity and give ourselves permission to be happy. We become empowered and remember our Spiritual powers and we become a super attractor, manifesting gorgeous experiences.

From this state of empowerment, we understand that we are worthy and deserving of love simply for existing. We will no longer sabotage relationships because we are able to accept, we are deserving of love, we will no longer attract dynamics which recreate old wounds, and we will no longer wear a mask resulting in incompatibility conflicts.

We need not tame ourselves for we are perfect as we are. We have the power to manifest Universes because we are the Universe itself.

Humans can begin to create and manifest the brightest light version of themselves from this place of infinite love, which will organically help them take their love relationships to a new level of bliss and connection.

Lots of Love,


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