Relationship Resurrection™

Learn how to break through the hidden barriers so you can feel consistently appreciated, wanted and understood, without feeling like you are dragging your partner to couples counseling.

Did you know the average marriage in the United States is only 8 years?!?

The way we do relationships needs to change! As a society, we have not been taught how to master love, we have in fact been taught how to master fear.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You walk on eggshells, tip-toeing on sensitive topics
  • You feel criticized and never good enough
  • Your sex life has lost its spark
  • You feel taken for granted and not appreciated for anything you do
  • Small arguments quickly turn into heated fights
  • You feel alone in your relationship
  • Wondering if you should leave this relationship because things just aren’t working, making you question whether you really love each other anymore.

As a relationship coach for nearly 20 years, these are the issues that women come to me with DAILY!


I have good news sister.

If you fear you’ll have to settle and sacrifice what is most important to you to be in a long-term relationship, or you wonder whether sustaining a thriving, passionate, happy relationship is even possible–you’ll be relieved to know you really can have the sexy and happy relationship you desire.

The landscape of relationships has changed. Prior to 1950, LOVE was ranked #5 of importance by women in relationships, today it is number 1. Expectations of what needs a relationship should fulfill are at an all time high. This is unrealistic and sets impossible standards.

With all the changes around how we connect romantically, particularly during this pandemic, comes an opportunity to create deeper, more authentic connections with our partners, and activate a new model of conscious, romantic relationships.

I know this is possible, because I have coached thousands of couples globally and guided them to create deep, intimate connections during this time, and YOU can too.


Imagine being crystal clear on what your DREAM relationship looks and FEELS like for YOU!

Imagine discovering what is blocking you from resolving conflict fast, feeling deeply understood by your partner, restoring trust, having passionate sex and being a TEAM again!! And, feeling completely in alignment with your partner, deep in your hearts.

Imagine squashing all the insecurity and uncertainty that has cannibalized your relationship. Would you like to know how this is possible, in a time when relationships are so stressed?

The essentials of how to take a quantum leap in your relationship and reconnect emotionally and physically, are only becoming more important these days (and they’re not the things found in generic relationship advice). 

Transformational change requires working on many dimensions because humans are multidimensional beings- which is why I sought to learn all I can and obtained my PhD in Metaphysical Sciences. I share metaphysical practices that I have tested and proven through over 55,000 coaching conversations. 

I have worked with thousands of women on reclaiming their personal power and magic

One of the most common questions I get asked is “How do I get my partner to do the work too? I feel like I am the only one trying!” This is where the magic happens. When women learn to tap into their own personal power, they experience a profound shift in their relationships. Love requires us to do the inner work of moving forward beyond our limits, and our wounds to become more skilled at relating and evolving as human beings. 

And my sisters… learning how to connect in relationships in this new world, requires courage.

This new way of romantic connection and growing your relationship to its next level, is available to you right now.

That is why I am excited to share Relationship Resurrection because I know it will give you renewed connection, passion and happiness (and you will definitely learn things you haven’t tried before!)

Each module is designed to support you in shifting your energy, mindset and actions so you can have a breakthrough that lasts.

What if this was the difference between you spending another year struggling or finally feeling you are making a real transformation and growing your relationship that is designed around what is most important to you?

Relationship Resurrection™ teaches fresh new approaches to reconnecting with your partner, without having to drag them to couples counseling.

Through Channa's guidance, I was able to tap into my own personal power and magic and in doing so, create a secure emotional connection again and learn how to effectively communicate and end conflict fast by understanding the true root of our fights. Today, we truly appreciate each other. My relationship feels like it did at the beginning, we are excited to spend time together and our sex life has never been better!!"
- Rhonda M, 49, Orlando, Florida

You will learn to:

  • Swap domestication, for radical honesty
  • Embrace your wild, sovereign self
  • Find your Spiritual shimmer
  • Understand your archetypes
  • Turn scars into stars
  • Transform emotions into superpowers 
  • Manifest your brightest light reality
  • See conflict as a gift 
  • Resolve differences through conscious communication, lucid dreaming and energetic transmissions
  • Reclaim your sexual essence as the most powerful potion in the Universe

If things haven’t been feeling all-that-great in your relationship, then this course is for you!


What’s included in Relationship Resurrection™ ?

Weekly 60 minute group session via Zoom.

High-level online content sent you at weekly intervals for 12 weeks. 

12 weeks of Private Voxer Coaching!

Receive all the support you need with a variety of resources to guide you forward, including video masterclasses, workbooks, meditations, and steps to take for immediate results (lifetime access).

Private Facebook online community for you to receive 24/7 support, sisterhood, accountability, and extra coaching.

Bonus trainings and fun surprises along the way!


Enroll today and receive access to Relationship Resurrection Summit- Podcast Style Series with Top Experts! 

42 Interviews and GIFTS! 

Learn how to break through the hidden barriers so you can feel consistently appreciated, wanted and understood, without feeling like you are dragging your partner to couples counseling.



    [Immediate access] (Value: $800)

ANOTHER BONUS OFFERING- Rise Above Romantic Self-Sabotage Masterclass & Workbook

  • To understand self-sabotage in romantic relationships we have to understand what it looks like from a real sense.
    As people move from one relationship to the next, they generally have the same patterns but the driving force behind
    self-sabotage is the need to protect oneself from pain; the fear of getting hurt, and the fear of loss.

          [Immediate access] (Value: $300)