What do you BELIEVE about your Real-world Soulmate?

As humans, we naturally want to see ourselves as “normal” and accepted, and then stuff happens. We experience our parents divorce, we go through a breakup, we get cheated on, lied to, rejected, we get scared, etc. – these are all events that hurt our self-perceived worth. As a subconscious protective measure, we form stories about what happened in our lives, and these stories often interpret reality in a way that softens the blow to our self-worth. These stories, or interpretations of past events, lead us to adopt beliefs that may help us stay safe from emotional pain, and what we’d need to do to fulfill our emotional needs, like your need for connection or intimacy.

These beliefs you’ve adopted subconsciously through the stories you gave to your past becomes problematic. The ones that become problematic (which is pretty much most of them), we call limiting beliefs or Compensatory Strategies.

These beliefs and strategies are a product of our past. It’s a compassionate mechanism designed to protect us from potential emotional pain.

For example, if a woman’s husband left or she got cheated on, she may develop a story that ‘men can’t be trusted’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not worthy of love’. These new beliefs are a very normal psychological response. In the example, the woman’s beliefs may be disconnected from reality, however they are effectively preventing her from putting herself in a situation she’ll get cheated on again.

However, it’s not a matter of learning to love ourselves, we were born to take care and protect ourselves, it’s really a process of accepting and remembering our true nature. Every human has had struggle, we learn through contrast. In order to get to the light, we have to know the dark. Personal development and transformation is about accepting the vast array of our experiences and having the courage to challenge the meanings we have placed upon them, so that we can consciously deconstruct and re-frame these stories so they don’t block us from having the relationship we have always wanted.

In Module 1 of “Attracting Love for the Wild Woman”, we identify, challenge and replace these hidden, false narratives so that the barriers are removed and you are able to successfully call in your real-world soulmate. As I always say, “Soul work before Goal work”!

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