Attracting Love
for the Wild Woman™

Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ is a one of a kind, transformative 6 month, 1-on-1 program, that utilizes Ancient Wisdom, Modern Dating Strategies & Somatic Embodiment practices to heal inner wounds, rewrite past narratives and shift our belief systems to attain a more continual and expanded state and attract your “real world soulmate”.

During this 6 month Spiritual enlightenment and action-oriented program, you will learn how to develop a whole new relationship with yourself, your life and your future partner.

We begin by illuminating the hidden reasons you keep attracting unavailable men.  You will reclaim your wild, sovereign self! Date authentically and radiantly. Learn to implement daily mindset rituals to become a high-quality man super attractor through manifestation, feminine embodiment and self love rituals.

Through this program you will know precisely what you want in a relationship and communicate your needs with grace and confidence.  You will learn to capture his attention (online and offline) and flirt in a natural, feel good way. You will tap into your intuition and boost self-trust- and never ignore a red flag again.

You will engage in weekly 60 min coaching sessions to ensure you are dating in alignment with your truth (aka choosing the right guys- no settling or chasing unavailable men sisters)

Many times our insecurities act as barriers to developing a true connection. Learn to let go of your fear and anxiety and let your guard down. Inspire him to meet your needs with effective communication skills.

It is time to say “No more” to repeating painful patterns of toxic relationships, feeling unloved, and struggling to meet the right man!

Attracting Love for The Wild Woman™ teaches women exactly how to fulfill their future vision of love!

The 1:1 Portal

In this very personalized container, Channa guides you on a 12-month transformational healing journey towards creating your dream life & relationship.

  • Live your best life with your future or current partner.
  • Illuminate & Heal the hidden barriers that are holding you back from being your full Divine expression.
  • Have the vitality to actualize your creative potential.
  • Learn to tap into your personal power and magic.
  • Manifest Fantasy into Reality.  

If you’ve tried everything without lasting results, it’s time for the accountability, individualized support, unconditional love, and specialized planning that comes from private mentorship.

There are limited spaces available for 1:1 Spiritual Empowerment mentorship program, The 1:1 Portal,  combined with healing in many different modalities.

Healing modalities include but not limited to: Herbal alchemy, Shadow work, Enneagram, Mantras & Mudras, Archetypes, Astrology, Breathwork, Crystals, Art therapy, Reiki, Healing the Inner Child, Shamanism, Nutrition, Custom meditation audios, Vibrational Healing, and Physical Well-being.

Shamanic Medicine
Healing Retreat

The retreat is a selective 5-day intensive that gets to the core, uncovering the hidden barriers holding you back from the self-love and epic romantic relationship that is your birthright.

Channa works alongside an experienced Shaman and offers deeply transformative processes as well as practical actionable guidance to help you recognize and overcome the root of your dating roadblocks.

Medicines currently offered: Yopo, Mayan ceremony, Kambo, Bufo, Ayahuasca, Rape and Sananga.

Taking place in enchanting Playa Samara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, your intensive healing work will be balanced with rest and recovery time that can be chosen from our amazing wellness package options.

Please send a private message to learn more.

MLG (My Love Gurus) Ventures Ltd is a full-service boutique agency providing unsurpassed Spiritual, Dating & Relationship coaching services.

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