Relationship Resurrection™

Relationship Resurrection ™ is a one of a kind, transformative 12 week online group program.

If we want a relationship to deepen and last, we need to deepen our understanding of happily ever after. For over three decades, our society has had persistently poor statistics on the lasting success of love, be it in relationship or marriage. It is becoming clear that if we want to beat the odds and succeed in a successful long-term relationship. We need to learn to do the work in a relationship and on ourselves–we need to pioneer a new path. 

I have worked with thousands of women on reclaiming their personal power and magic– and when they do, they experience a profound shift in their relationships. Love requires us to do the inner work of moving forward beyond our limits, and our wounds to become more skilled at relating and evolving as human beings. 

Relationship Resurrection will include learning new metaphysical tools and strategies for how we communicate, behave and process emotions. We’ve heard relationships take work, but sadly we’re lacking useful guidelines, strategies, resources and models for doing that work. As a society we have few tools or understandings that help inspire us to transform, much less resolve our upsets. 

It is guaranteed that the more we seek to heal and know ourselves, the greater the opportunity to create space in our lives to experience the harmonious, real-world soulmate relationship that many of us are searching for. 

The 1:1 Portal- private coaching

In this very personalized container, Channa guides you on a 12-month transformational healing journey towards creating your dream life & relationship.

  • Live your best life with your future or current partner.
  • Illuminate & Heal the hidden barriers that are holding you back from being your full Divine expression.
  • Have the vitality to actualize your creative potential.
  • Learn to tap into your personal power and magic.
  • Manifest Fantasy into Reality.  

If you’ve tried everything without lasting results, it’s time for the accountability, individualized support, unconditional love, and specialized planning that comes from private mentorship.

There are limited spaces available for 1:1 Spiritual Empowerment mentorship program, The 1:1 Portal,  combined with healing in many different modalities.

Healing modalities include but not limited to: Herbal alchemy, Shadow work, Enneagram, Mantras & Mudras, Archetypes, Astrology, Breathwork, Crystals, Art therapy, Reiki, Healing the Inner Child, Shamanism, Nutrition, Custom meditation audios, Vibrational Healing, and Physical Well-being.

HeartBreak Rx™

Many conflicts in relationships are based on past heartbreaks and wounds! We are projecting, and making our current partner responsible for “breaking the plates”.

This will wear and tear a relationship. We must be responsible for our own healing!

In this self-pased, online 15-module, video program, you will learn to heal past pain. Time does not heal wounds, positive action does. Mending your broken heart (from a recent breakup, a breakup that happened years ago, or even childhood issues) isn’t something you just “get over”. It’s a process.

Heartbreak Rx™ walks you step by step through the stages of healing. Learn how to work through dark feelings in a productive way, so you can find forgiveness, rebuild your self-esteem, increase your capacity to Love, adopt a positive perspective, deeper understanding of yourself, and how to create a healthy, soulful relationship with your current partner.

Heartbreak Rx™ contains 15 modules. Each module includes a video lesson, workbook, and audio (NLP techniques or mediation).

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