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I spent so much of my life trying to “Get Love”. I tried to get it from my family, from my relationships, even from my athletic and career accomplishments, but it wasn’t until I let go of trying to get love that I was able to fully embody LOVE for myself. This is when I experienced a profound transformation, and live my life in a truly ecstatic state of being.

Only when you bring in soul love will you receive soul love.

Sacred Union involves us having the courage to open into love. This Divine container is where we have the opportunity to do some of the most transcendent work of our lives. In relationship is where we deepen our healing of inner wounds, rewrite past narratives, shift our belief systems and learn to open and reopen as often as is needed in order to embrace the obstacles directly in front of you, that you finally get to a more continual and expanded state.

Love is an evolutionary, amazing, & courageous journey, and I am here to support you every step of the way.

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MLG (My Love Gurus) Ventures Ltd is a full-service boutique agency providing unsurpassed Spiritual, Dating & Relationship coaching services for women. Our award-winning team is dedicated to working with you on your journey, providing a step-by-step playbook designed to enhance your love life!


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My Soul Fuel declaration is to facilitate the healing of inner wounds & Spiritual empowerment so that men & women unlock their inherent wisdom and their love relationships may always be a place of growth, harmony, respect, safety and passion.


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What They Say.

I have been in 7 relationships with the same man! We broke up for the same reasons each time, and yet, I would still gloss over those reasons and convince myself that this time would be different.

Muskoka, ON

I met Channa at an Entrepreneurial retreat in AZ. I was very skeptical about my relationship with Amber. I believed too much pain had happened between my partner and I to make it work again.

Whister, BC​

Working with Channa has been life-changing program for me. I have examined and faced my insecurities and now working towards understanding those insecurities

Alexamdria, VA​

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MLG (My Love Gurus) Ventures Ltd is a full-service boutique agency providing unsurpassed Spiritual, Dating & Relationship coaching services.

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